6th of August – 10th of August 2015

The plan was going together with two friends to a festival in Dalhalla (Rättvik) and we started to look at the map. We saw, that this fucking festival is somewhere in nowhere and to travel all the way up there, would be too expensive and time consuming.

But then we saw on the festival page in Facebook, that a girl called Åsa had three free seats in her car and was going to drive all up the way from Halmstad in the south of Sweden to Rättvik and it happened to be very easy to reach Halmstad from Germany with train. So we wrote her, if we can drive with her up and down this around 700km distance. After a face check of the Germans we got the okay and finally we had a perfect solution.

We drove up with the train, ferry and train again with a change in Copenhagen and met her on the station in Halmstad. Her mum had prepared sandwiches and coffee for us, whilst her dad was angry over, how his daughter can drive with three, strange Germans without driver license up to a festival without knowing them.

On our way Åsa showed us a few places along the road and we had 4 awesome festival days with nice people, until we drove back to Halmstad and further down to Germany.

01st of October – 12th of October 2015

Back in Halmstad I reminded her angry Dad. So I had a Ass im Ärmel and brought Pfälzer Wurst and Wein. No problems anymore in Sweden!!!

Åsa picked me up on the train station in Halmstad and we drove home to her little house in Söndrum. We had planned to go with friends to Stockholm to Slakthuset (Schlachthaus) club, where a German Dj was playing. We spent there a few very nice days, but our hostel will always evoke a bad feeling in me. It was a little red boat, where you couldn’t move, neither sleep. I always had cold feeds, because the duvet was 1,50 m long.

Back in Halmstad Åsa showed me a bit around by bike in the forest, the sea and the city, before I returned back to good old Germany.

25th of May – 30th of May 2016

Åsa alreday moved to Norway and we met for visitng a concert in the capitel just for a few days. The first time we met a very nice old friend from Åsa, who showed us around in Stockholm. For saying goodbye we went in a garlic bar, where you could get beer with a lot fresh pressed garlic. For the 28th we got tickets for a concert and met a an other friend from Stockholm with his girlfriend, had a drink, watched the CL Final between Madrid and Madrid and Abfahrt!

06th of May – 11th of May 2017

Åsa had her vacation from work and spent the time together with her parents. I got free from work and drove spontaneously up to her. This time we didn’t plan anything and just relaxed in Halmstad with her family. We lost Badminton against her little brother and his girlfriend and lost the Canasta against her friends. So it was time to say Goodbye!

17th of September – 03rd of October 2017

That two weeks in Halmstad went fucking fast and I have had a perfect time here. I finally got to know Åsas family and friends a bit more. We went to a birthday party of the other half of her and a big party on the weekend. We also got revange in Canasta on a perfect time – it means that team Germany will keep this important title of prestige at least until 2018.