23rd of December 2016 – 6th of January 2017

Premiere – my first trip to Asia! After visiting the christmas market in Heidelberg, I went together with my girlfriend from Frankfurt/Main to Clark airport in the Philippines with one stopover in Soul, South Korea. We were going to meet my best friend and his family, who was already there.

We got picked up on the airport and spent 3 days around Clark until we left to Mabalacat for visiting my friends relatives. One evening we were visiting a cockfight; even when I had a lucky Händchen on this evening, it was a strange atmosphere at the fight-ring. From there we left to Manila, the capital of the country.

We lived in Makati, a part of metro Manila, in an apartment with a pool on the top floor and view over the city. After a bit sightseeing in the City we went for a day tour to Mt Pinatubo, a active volcano a few hours drive from Manila. The traffic is just insane!!!

Our last stop was one of those 7107 islands – Boracay. I had heard on the beforehand, the paradise island had experienced an incresed development the last 30 years. We still had a great time with nice people and a nice new years eve in our Stammkneipe and the best sunset I ever saw.

The travel home was pure horror. Plane delays, unmodernised planes and after been travelling for 40 hours and sleeping on the hard floor in Clark Airport, we arrived in a minus 11 degrees cold Germany. Åsa stayed at my brothers place nearly Frankfurt and I went home to Kaiserslautern. My friend and his family arrived back home in Germany one day later.