It is the selfmade selfassurance, in which you believe and in whos name you condemn and deceive others, only to loose yourself in the next moment in your absolute certainty and in this way you try to reech your goals or get a benefit. You might be sure, that you are doing the right, but somehow you fail totaly. The tools that have taken you there, are nihiilism and indifference, and polemic. These temporary tools bring you into a kind of neurosis.

Who can control these everday faults and who is allowed to control them???

From that point of view are specialy these two eastern religions the same meaningless, than every other religion in the world. But still: the uncountable symbolic and your own interpretation of it, should help you for your everyday and support you to produce fresh energy for the now, even when you did not play the best card. Religion is no place to fail and is neither a kind of law. When you feel for it, believe in your best interpretation of every religion.


It is a card game, that has extremly complicated rules. Every player get an individual stack of cards with diffrent values of every card and add this cards into this already running game. You start to organice your cards and since you are a new member in this game it is very confusing. So its allowed to look how other players play their cards, but it is important to accept and to get to know your own cards, because these are the cards you have to play with the whole time. Sometimes you get advices from others, but they can not give you their cards. So trust in your own cards and respect the cards of others! Of course you will make a lot of mistakes, but that is okay and you have the whole game time to learn it and its always allowed to change your strategy. In this game there are diffrent game modes like single or multiplayer, that you will be able to join when you want. In this game it is not possible to loose!


It is about the happiness and how uncomplicated it is to live during the childhood without hate and any worries. You play with other children, try new things and waste no thoughts about questioning things. Everday there are new things to explore and you do not want to miss any of that wonderful time. It is maybe the best time in your life, where you can gain your energy and power for later – The power of childhood…


The first impression of this country was very positive. Mexico City is located more

than 2200m over the sea level and has a population of 20 Mio people and is one of the biggest Metropols on earth. For an European Landei like me, I have absolutly with nothing to compare this experience with. The first two days I had the feeling the city never sleep and is constantly hectic and loud, but after a few days I got a bit more used to it – 24 hours music, dance, demonstrations, policesirens, traffic, everything without an end. I spent two whole days with sightseeing in the historic centre of the city an visited the National Art Museum. The last day we drove around 50km with metro and bus together with a guy from our hostel to the ruins of Teotihuacán. Today our next flight is to Huatulco, where we will get picked up from our owner of our Appartment in Manzunte and escape in a more relaxed region.

BTW: My bag did not yet arrive in Mexico and Brithis Airways tracked it the last time in Copenhagen, where I checked in five days ago. I hope they soon find it, because it is just scheisse – but at least easier to carry. GT!!!

Happy Birthday Akvilé


These last two weeks in Halmstad went fucking fast and I have had a perfect time here. I finally got to know Åsas family and friends a bit more. We went to a birthday party of Åsas other half and a big good bye party for her on the weekend. Our last stop before we leaving to Mexico will be Ringsted in Denmark to meet some friends. Departure is tomorrow at around 11 in the morning from Copenhagen, with one stop over in London to Mexico City. Arriving 19.35pm local timeAdios!!!

Happy Birthday Bolle
Happy Birthday Sonia


The last day in Åsas appartment in Geilo arrived and the people around and from work came to the good bye party. At around five in the morning the last two survivals went to bed and at nine o clock in the morning the big cleaning for the appartmentowners and packing to leave the place began. In the afternoon Åsa gave back the keys to the appartment and we could leave to Sweden home to her parents, but the weather for the next days should be so nice, that we decided to drive to Odda and stay for two nights to see one of that famous rocks in the mountains on the fjords – Trolltunga. We had a perfect late summer weather and enjoyed as other tourist this view up there. Yesterday in the evening we arrived Halmstad, Sweden, where Åsas parents were waiting for us.

Happy Birthday Nighthawk
Happy Birthday Bella
Happy Birthday Alex
Happy Birthday Leon



While Åsa worked her last days, I decided to go for a trip; destination Nordkapp with the goal to see the northern lights (Glühwürmscher) for the first time in my life. I searched a train up to Bodø, the last train station up north in this fucking long country. I hoped maybe to be able to share a car with some other people or to hichhike up to Nordkapp, but that was only the plan!!! The problem was, that I looked for the train departure on the wrong day and ended up sitting in Oslo without a train up to Bodø, and since it was Sunday there was neither a train back to Geilo. Thanks to the NSB man that told me the right date and gave me the advice to fly to Bodø. I followed his words, because the weather for staying in Oslo was too scheisse and I really found a quiet cheap flight 16 hours later, booked it and took the train to Oslo Airport. As if this was not enough, my train ticket did not work because it was a private train company and I had to pay extra. At the airport I looked around a bit, ate pizza with another waiting couple and layed down in my sleeping bag for some hours. At 9 in the morning finally my flight went to Bodø and I landed there in time at half past 10.

The idea with sharing a car or hitchhike was very fast away, because there were no people. So I booked a rental car (Ford Focus) and started my roadtrip from Bodø up to Nordkapp. The GPS said even when I flew 1,5h up from Oslo, I still had to drive 1041 km and around 15 hours. Daaa! I passed first the city Fauske, then a part with the ferry from Bogen to Ballangen, up to Narvik. The next stop should be Alta, but I was so tired, that i stoped on a parking place and slept for some hours in the back of the car. I woke up and had a quick wash and at 2 in the afternoon i finally got it. I arrived to Nordkapp!!! It was 4 degrees and so windy, that i could not stand still. It really felt like the road to the end of the world and I saw actually more reindeers than people up there but no northern lights.

I drove down the same way, with one stop on the northern lights route. It was too cloudy this time and I felt a sleep. This time not in the back of the car, but instead on the driver seat with seat heat on. Next morning the same game like the two last days: Gasstation for Gas, cleaning with citrus paper, coffee and cigarette. I got a lot of food as a lunch package from Åsa. She probably already knew, how this would will end up. Finally down at 7 pm in Bodø, I gave back my car and went for dinner and WIFI to subway, until i got on the train back to Geilo. In the train I had a sleeping cabin and started from Bodø to Trondheim at 21:10. I slept at 22 in the night and woke up at 7 again in the morning. In the board restaurant I gave back my key for the cabin and got a free cofffee fom the norwegian trainmeister collegue. In Trondheim I changed to another train to Oslo. This 8 hour ride went quiet easy, because their boardrestaurant were even more full with Köstlicheiten, than in Germany. My last change was in Oslo and I rode the last 4 hours of this trip up to Geilo. All in all an unforgetable trip, even without seeing northern lights. So i have to search them again! GT!!!

Happy Birthday Margit
Happy Birthday Eisekall
Happy Birthday Melanie
Happy Birthday Amira
Happy Birthday Zwockeltaker