9th of March – 20th of March 2016

Åsa got a job in Geilo, a ski resort village between Oslo and Bergen. For me it should not be the last time I visited this place with nice landscape and good opportunities for alpine and cross country skiing. Both up in the mountains and on a few frozen lakes. One sunday we spent in one of the biggest and most awesome Ski-Resorts in Hemsedal. Since Åsa had not yet found an apartment we lived at the hotel, where she was working. We spent almost two weeks there during high season over eastern accompanied by awesome weather.

19th of August – 31st of August 2016

Finally I could see this place in summer. I went as usual from Berlin to Oslo where Åsa picked me up. Instead of driving back to Geilo, we decided to make a road trip down south to Telemark. A few days in Dalen and driving up along the fjords to Odda. From there we decided to go back to Geilo, where Åsa finally had got an apartment very close to the lake together with 7 other persons. We spent a few days in Geilo and celebrated my birthday there. Over my birthday we went for mountainbiking two days up in the mountains in summer clothes and winter weather. After a bit relaxing, we went for a roadtrip up to Bergen along the west coast for two days, before I returned to Germany.

9th of November – 20th of November 2016

After great times in Geilo, it turned out be a bit more negative experience. Åsa had to work and the weather was just scheisse. In November there are no people and this place is almost dead. I tried to ski a bit, but it was just not funny. So I had 11 days of boredom and sleeping. I started on a puzzle with 3000 pieces and had not my best time there and this was not the end to it. The last day Åsa drove me down to the airport in Oslo and the plane back to Germany left without me. I had been looking for the wrong times. It actually was a bit weird to see the same times as the flight I arrived to Norway on the first day, but I was just happy that its so easy to keep in mind. So I had to book another flight with one change in Copenhagen. Instead of Berlin my new destination was Frankfurt and I arrived almost to the same time at home as I should have done with my first flight. GT!!!

27th of January – 2rd of February 2017

Like the last time the weather God was not on my side. Minus 20 degrees, grey and really zum kotzen. Åsa was working again and I walked between the bed, living room and the kitchen. At least Åsas room mate sometimes came home with his girlfriend and I had somebody to talk. Ah and of course I continued the puzzle, that had gotten much bigger in the time I was not there. Also this time was a bit boring and I was looking forward to go home.

6th of July – 11th of July 2017

Finally the last time all this way up to Geilo before going travelling. I got a few days free from my favourite personal planner at work and found for the first time a good flight with Lufthansa from Frankfurt. Even when it was not real summer, we spent a lot time outside and I went the first time kayaking with a friend from Geilo. He stopped in the middle of the lake and had warm chicken as lunch with for us. Good man!!!

 09th of September – 13th of September 2017

While Åsa worked her last days, I decided to go for a trip; destination Nordkapp with the goal to see the northern lights (Glühwürmscher) for the first time in my life. I searched a train up to Bodø, the last train station up north in this fucking long country. I hoped maybe to be able to share a car with some other people or to hichhike up to Nordkapp, but that was only the plan!!! The problem was, that I looked for the train departure on the wrong day and ended up sitting in Oslo without a train up to Bodø, and since it was Sunday there was neither a train back to Geilo. Thanks to the NSB man that told me the right date and gave me the advice to fly to Bodø. I followed his words, because the weather for staying in Oslo was too scheisse and I really found a quiet cheap flight 16 hours later, booked it and took the train to Oslo Airport. As if this was not enough, my train ticket did not work because it was a private train company and I had to pay extra. At the airport I looked around a bit, ate pizza with another waiting couple and layed down in my sleeping bag for some hours. At 9 in the morning finally my flight went to Bodø and I landed there in time at half past 10.

The idea with sharing a car or hitchhike was very fast away, because there were no people. So I booked a rental car (Ford Focus) and started my roadtrip from Bodø up to Nordkapp. The GPS said even when I flew 1,5h up from Oslo, I still had to drive 1041 km and around 15 hours. Daaa! I passed first the city Fauske, then a part with the ferry from Bogen to Ballangen, up to Narvik. The next stop should be Alta, but I was so tired, that i stoped on a parking place and slept for some hours in the back of the car. I woke up and had a quick wash and at 2 in the afternoon i finally got it. I arrived to Nordkapp!!! It was 4 degrees and so windy, that i could not stand still. It really felt like the road to the end of the world and I saw actually more reindeers than people up there but no northern lights.

I drove down the same way, with one stop on the northern lights route. It was too cloudy this time and I felt a sleep. This time not in the back of the car, but instead on the driver seat with seat heat on. Next morning the same game like the two last days: Gasstation for Gas, cleaning with citrus paper, coffee and cigarette. I got a lot of food as a lunch package from Åsa. She probably already knew, how this would will end up. Finally down at 7 pm in Bodø, I gave back my car and went for dinner and WIFI to subway, until i got on the train back to Geilo. In the train I had a sleeping cabin and started from Bodø to Trondheim at 21:10. I slept at 22 in the night and woke up at 7 again in the morning. In the board restaurant I gave back my key for the cabin and got a free cofffee fom the norwegian trainmeister collegue. In Trondheim I changed to another train to Oslo. This 8 hour ride went quiet easy, because their boardrestaurant were even more full with Köstlicheiten, than in Germany. My last change was in Oslo and I rode the last 4 hours of this trip up to Geilo. All in all an unforgetable trip, even without seeing northern lights. So i have to search them again! GT!!!

14th of September – 17th of September 2017

In the afternoon Åsa gave back the keys to the appartment in Geilo and we could leave to Sweden home to her parents, but the weather for the next days should be so nice, that we decided to drive to Odda and stay for two nights to see one of that famous rocks in the mountains on the fjords – Trolltunga. We had a perfect late summer weather and enjoyed as other tourist this view up there.