06th/7th of June 2014

After sailing on the Ijsselmeer and trips to Amsterdam, this time I went by a party bus tour from Saarbrücken to a place in the middle of nowhere in Holland, in order to visit a festival together with friends. The music was so terrible and we decided to leave after a few hours. The problem was, that none of our cell-phones worked and we couldn’t tell the others, that we already left. A few weeks later I met the guide of this company on an other festival and got to know, that they actually were waiting for us two hours until leaving.

We decided to walk to the neighbouring village to get a taxi to the next train station, but it was Sunday and there was no trains bound for Gemany. So we crossed the boarder to Kleve and changed from our Dutch taxi to a German one, because the German tariff was a bit cheaper and drove home in around 6 hours. GT!!!