21st of October – 25th of October 2016

It was my first visit to Ireland in order to visit two friends from Waterford. I arrived in Dublin Airport and took a taxi to the centre, where my friends were waiting. We went in a pub and then to our little hostel to take a shower or more a quick wash to get ready for the evening. My friends had a double room with a shared bathroom and me a fucking small room with 6 other guys. We went back to the city to meet some friends and later to Button Factory, where a Swedish DJ was playing.

A short sleep with my room crew and wahing, before we started the day with an Irish breakfast in the city and planned to go sightseeing, but ended in the Guinness factory with very nice Irish live music and in a strange toy shop. In the night we went about three hours by bus home to my friends place in Waterford.

The next day we started lunch in a typical Irish pub, that was just located around the corner from their apartment, and listen to live music until we went home for watching shitty Irish TV. The next morning we got picked up from my friends dad for a day tour with the ferry to Wexford to the Hook Lighthouse on the Atlantic ocean. A perfect little Trip came to an end and hopefully we will meet in Peru in 2018.

BTW: This time I didn’t miss the plane or took the wrong train; instead I forgot my little bag in the train and didn’t get it back. I realised that when I came to my car on the station in Lambrecht. I was sitting in my car very angry and only wanted to drive home, but my car was an asshole this evening as well and didn’t start and I had to walk home. Shit happens!!! GT!!!