11th of July – 25th of July 2016

After three days biking in Italy and Switzerland I took early in the morning the bus from Livigno to the next train station to get on the train for a few hours to Budapest, the capital of Hungary and a bit Heimat of my girlfriend. She was waiting there for me and we spent two days in this city.

I had just started to understand that they don’t pay with Euro, when we had to leave for the 16 hour train ride to Brasov in Romania. Our plan was to visit a festival somewhere in the mountains, but one month before the festival, we got the info, that its cancelled because of….I actually still don’t know. So we had to change our plans a bit and started off by visiting the nice city Brasov and continued later to the National-Park Bucegi. After three days hiking and camping with very nice Romanian people and donkeys, we needed a break and decide to go to the beach. We took the train to the Black Sea to Constanta. We enjoyed a few days beach and sun and continued to our almost last station Tulcea for a boat tour in the Donau Delta. Awesome nature, but fucking boring. After some very long five hours and a border crossing to Ukraine, we were back in Tulcea and took the train to the capital of Romania – Bukarest. There we only slept a few hours, before we left back to Hungary. A last drink there and Åsa left to Norway and I returned by train back to good old Germany.