20th of August – 25th of August 2017

I arrived at the airport in Tallinn, where two friends and the fresh made husband were waiting. We stayed in Tartu, the second biggest City in Estonia at the newlyweeds Cuple. After a day of party, a wellness day in Tartu and celebraiting my birthday, we went on a roadtrip to Russia without Visa. The only thing was, that there is an Estonian road goes through Russia; in other words you pass through russian territory, but start and end in Estonia. However it is not allowed to stop on the Russian side or you might not come back to Estonia again, because the guys there seemed like not to be so funny. Very strange! All in all it was a very nice trip with nice people, nice taxidriver and smart toilets. My way home with changing in Riga and Berlin a bit too long for my little body.