8th of December – 11th of December 2015

The plan for this trip was to meet Åsa and visit some friends of her in Copenhagen. This time it was not the way home with problems; instead directly the beginning. I had bought Ryanair tickets for 9,99€ from Cologne and started in Mannheim with the train. 30 minutes before airport the train stopped in Siegburg and couldn’t drive any more. The nice trainmeister wrote me a paper for taking a taxi without having to pay for it, so I jumped out in the first taxi I saw, but my euphoria disappeared very fast, because it was early evening in the middle of the work traffic and I missed my flight to Copenhagen. So I had to change my plans a bit and drove to the train station.

I had to spend the night in Hamburg, before a train continued north and I finally arrived in Copenhagen 12 hours later. On this part Hello Piet, it was very nice to meet you. In Copenhagen we visited one day the Christmas market at Tivoli and the last day in Christiania, before return together with Åsa to Germany for visiting a festival in Stuttgart. GT!!!

8th of October – 10th of October 2016

Åsa was on a rave in Stockholm and told me her plans for going down to Denmark the next day to visit her best friends in Ringsted, close to the capital. I found out who are these people and asked, if I can join them as a little surprise. Without long words I got the okay and also the okay for a few days off work.

During driving up with the train I wrote her something about work and a meeting and arrived perfect in time Ringsted station, where I got picked up from Åsas friend. He hide me in the house and returned to the station to pick up his girlfriend and Åsa. Even when I was a bit schusselig and Åsa saw, that there already is somebody in the house, it was a funny surprise and we had two nice days in their special awesome house. They will keep me!!!

3rd/4th of October 2017

Almost exact on the day one year later, I am back on the same place in Ringsted to meet friends before leaving to Mexico. Even when it was again only a short visit, I enjoyed this special place a lot.