9th of April – 16th of April 2017

Even if it started of in a not so good way, it developed into a perfect week in Slovenia and Croatia. Two days before leaving, I got hit by a cold and thought about staying at home. My friends got me motivated and helped me to pack my shit and do my part of the preparations for the journey, so that we could go. At 5 in the morning we got picked up from our favourite driver in order to go to the station. In Munich I took a power nap at Burger King and got a first help from a pharma and we got on the train to Zagreb. The medicine worked and three hours later in train through Austria I started to feel better.

In Zagreb was waiting a rental car for us and we could drove with perfect weather south in four days to Paklenica National park, Seline, Modric, National park Plitvicer Seen and to the coast in Zadar.

Our last day we spent in Slovenia and ate the first time „Froschlschenkel“. It tasted the same like chicken – you just have to use enough Remoulade. After one week, on the Easter Sunday, we took the train back home to Kaiserslautern, where our driver already was waiting for his three Easter bunny’s.