Costa Rica

4th of November – 15th of November 2017

Alajuela is a city with around 50 000 people and we lived in Rosales, a part of the city. We lived together in the apartment of our “Couchsurfing-friends” Ignacio, Daniel, Candy, Douglas and a few dogs and the cat Alexander. The first impression of that country was not how I had expected, because I expected, that there is everything green and nature. But there also are cities and you can see a lot the American influence on the people and the shops and supermarkets etc. One day we went hiking through the huge coffee- and bananas plantations and in the end three stray dogs joined us for our 20km hike. We had to cross a small stream in order to reach a hidden waterfall and enjoyed the view all the way to the Volcano Poás and the insane nature around, because we are still in the rain period. The other day we went into the city of Alajuela for a tour and Daniel showed us around. In the evening we had together dinner with real Costa Rican Brotwerscht. They used Terpentin, to get the fire started. Åsa and me went for 10 days to the province of Limón to the villages Puerto Viejo and Cauhita. We had to change in San Jose and there I actually was happy when I was sitting in the next bus. Btw: 10 amputations are conducted every day in this City, because of diabetes. In Puerto Viejo and Cahuita we went by bike through the two different national parks “Refugio Nacional Mixto de Vida Silvestre National park” in Manzanillo and “National Park Cahuita” with awesome, lonley beaches and animals from A to Zink. We lived 100 meters from the Caribbean cost and the “Highlight” was the earthquake. In the evening of the 13th a earthquake with 6.4 on the scale of Richter affected Costa Rica. The epicenter was on the pacific Coast close to Jacó. We were on the other side of the country in Cahuita on the Caribbean coast; we “only” felt the effect. Åsa and me were sitting in the garden of our apartment, when everything and specially our house started to shake. First it was totally quiet everywhere, electricity went away, then all the dogs around started to bark and run and people started to scream to them. We didn’t have internet and ran to the street, to meet people and ask about Tsunamis, because we are just a few hundred meters away from the coast and Becky, the woman we live with was not at home. But as I told no problem, because we were on the other side of the country. We came back to our “Couchsurfer-Base” and had together Dinner. We organized, washed our clothes and relaxed a bit, before we left by bus to a canton of the province of San Jose, Curridabat, where we get picked up at 3pm.

16th of November – 02nd of December 2017

From Curridabat we drove arround 45 minutes out of the city up in the mountains to our farm El Tablazo, where we spent the last 16 days with rainy and cold days and the owners Mima and Gabriel. The farm is located 1500m over the sea and surrounded by just two other farms. In the night you could see far away on the sky the lights from San José, but that was almost the only sign from the real world and other people. Only one night we went out for dinner and one day they showed us around in the area. The other days we almost had the same day rythm. We cooked together 3 times the day with the vegetables, herbs and eggs from the farm and worked a few hours with jobs like painting the watertower, feed the chickens and the goat, take care of the three dogs when Mima and Gabriel went to the market, harvest fruits and vegetables, planting and water the plants, make compost or cut trees and just lived with them the life on a farm. The chickens were my favourite. Every morning in time, they layed 5 green eggs in the nest and I only had to pick them up and got a huge cheese omlette for breakfast. I had an little accident, when I practised my dreifacher Rittberger on their trampolin and it suddenly broke and I felt through it and landed on the ground. I only got a little fright, but not to compare with the shock I got one day later, when I saw this huge Tarantula in our kitchen – even too big for a Staubsaugerrohr. After this 16 days we leave today with bus and ferry our new friends and looking forward to the beaches of Santa Teresa on the pacific side of Costa Rica.

02nd of December – 19th of December 2017

We spent 5 days at the Surf Hochburg Santa Teresa on Playa Carmen. We rented an ATV and drove to all the beaches through the different landscapes along the coast. The weather was great, 30 degrees, the beaches awesome and the waves huge. Sunburned we drove back to the mainland again with bus and ferry to our “couchsurf base” in Alajuela to celebrate Åsas birthday. From there we continued to La Fortuna and spent two days at the foot of the active vulcano Arenal and in the natural hot springs with water temperatures to over 50 degrees. Our next and almost last destination in Costa Rica was a place called Cerro Dantas in Heredia, where we hiked two days in the deep rainforest 2000 meters above the sea level in the mountains. They call it “The green hell” because of this extreme jungle vegetation. Dantas is the Spanish word for the tapir, because this is one of the most populated places of that animal here. We only saw the footprints in the ground, even when I put salad cucumber out of my backpack. Yesterday we arrived back in Alajuela to our friends after one more last night in San José! On tuesday we will fly out from Alajuela and Cost Rica, cross the jungle and continue to Colombia and Bogota.