20th of December – 07th of January 2017

After a two hour flight and a short turn over the active volcano Nevado del Ruiz (5000 m.a.s.l) we arrived in Bogota located 2600 m.a.s.l and host to around 7 million people. There we had an apartment together with a colombian guy for three days in the centre of Bogota, close to Parque Bavaria on the 13th floor with an awesome view towards the mountains and over the thousands of house roofs. Bogotá has almost the whole year the same average temprature with some months with a bit more or a bit less rain. Like almost in whole Central and South America here are no train rails and we had to travel on the 23rd of december by bus from Bogotá to Medellin for spending christmas. The bus station in Bogotá was big like an airport and full with thousands of people traveling for the holidays and it was a big adventure to come through the wall of people with our bags in order to get on our bus. The 12 hours ride to Medellin took place in a really comfortable bus with the Football World Championship 2014 in the TV. After 3 nights in Medellin for celebrating christmas, we continued to Guatapé for 4 days and again back to Medellin for spending the New Year. After relaxing the first two days of the new year, our next stop was the coffee region of Colombia and Salento with around 7000 people and coffee wie aus dem Bilderbuch. We went for a day tour to Cocora Valley and came perfect in time to a festival in the town during the colombian holidays, before we went back by bus to Bogotá. GT!!!