30th of August – 03rd of September 2012

My firt trip with friends from MCN (Männerchor Neidenfels) was a perfect planned trip to Austria in the Kitzbüheler Alpen. The weather god was not on our side during the first day and we had to bike in snow and really low temperatures, even if it still was August. Thanks god: The weather changed and we could enjoy the nice landscape in the mountains. My bike had a few problems, but with a good provisionally teamwork the problem was out of the world.

11th of July – 14th of July 2013

I have visited Mayrhofen in Zillertal many times before, but this time I had the chance to make the first time canyoning. Its a quiet hard and extreme activity with a lot fun and in a wet suit. By the way: The origin of my hairstyle grew up exactly on that day in that canyon!!!

13th of October – 16th of October 2015

After coming home from Sweden, I drove by car to Jerzens, where a friend already were staying together with his mum in an apartment at my relatives place. Because of the bad weather my friends mum decided to give up the holiday. Even when we got the advice from my great-uncle to stay at home, we were so stupid and went for two days up in the mountains. Fucking dangerous! I guess the next time we would do exactly the same again…! On the way home we stopped in Mainz to watch a Friday evening Bundesliga match between Mainz and Dortmund.

14th of May – 27th of May 2016

Via BlaBlaCar I found a Co-Pilot in the car from Kaiserslautern to Munich Airport, where I picked up Åsa and drove again to my relatives in Pitztal. During earlier winters I had already got to know the slopes in Gaschurn, Bad Gastein and Ischgl, but that was the first time I got a fucking sunburn in my face from the snow. It was the last day the glacier was open for the winter season and we could ski and sit in a Café 3400m above sea level in t-shirt and sunglasses and without sun protraction. After two weeks of skiing, hiking and a short trip to Innsbruck and Ötztal, I dropped of Åsa at the airport in Munich and drove back to Germany.

13th of August – 16th of August 2016

A cold start up to the Kaunergrathütte almost 3000m over the sea level, was the beginning of this trip. Just before it got dark I was down in the village and could drive back to the apartment in Jerzens of course at my relatives place again. In Hochimst I enjoyed the nice weather up on the mountain, before I drove down to the village the first time with the 3535m long Alpine-Roller coaster.