From Curridabat we drove arround 45 minutes out of the city up in the mountains to our farm El Tablazo, where we spent the last 16 days with a lot rainy cold days and the owners Mima and Gabriel. The farm is located 1500m over the sea and surrounded by just two other farms. In the night you could see far away on the sky the lights from San José, but that was almost the only sign from the real world and other people. Only one night we went out for dinner and one day they showed us around in the area. The other days we almost had the same day rythm. We cooked together 3 times the day with the vegetables, herbs and eggs from the farm and worked a few hours with jobs like painting the watertower, feed the chickens and the goat, take care of the three dogs when Mima and Gabriel went to the market, harvest fruits and vegetables, planting and water the plants, make compost or cut trees and just lived with them the life on a farm. The chickens were my favourite. Every morning in time, they layed 5 green eggs in the nest and I only had to pick them up and got a huge cheese omlette for breakfast. I had an little accident, when I practised my dreifacher Rittberger on their trampolin and it suddenly broke and I felt through it and landed on the ground. I only got a little fright, but not to compare with the shock I got one day later, when I saw this huge Tarantula in our kitchen – even too big for a Staubsaugerrohr. After this 16 days we leave today with bus and ferry our new friends and looking forward to the beaches of Santa Teresa on the pacific side of Costa Rica and specially the nice weather.

Happy Birthday Moujie
Happy Birthday Dani
Happy Birthday Saschmann
Happy Birthday Daniel

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