Alajuela is a city with around 50 000 people and we lived in Rosales, a part of the city. We lived together in the apartment of our “Couchsurfing-friends” Ignacio, Daniel, Candy, Douglas and a few dogs and the cat Alexander. The first impression of that country was not how I had expected, because I expected, that there is everything green and nature. But there also are cities and you can see a lot the American influence on the people and the shops and supermarkets etc. One day we went hiking through the huge coffee- and bananas plantations and in the end three stray dogs joined us for our 20km hike. We had to cross a small stream in order to reach a hidden waterfall and enjoyed the view all the way to the Volcano Poás and the insane nature around, because we are still in the rain period. The other day we went into the city of Alajuela for a tour and Daniel showed us around. In the evening we had together dinner with real Costa Rican Brotwerscht. They used Terpentin, to get the fire started. Åsa and me went for 10 days to the province of Limón to the villages Puerto Viejo and Cauhita. We had to change in San Jose and there I actually was happy when I was sitting in the next bus. Btw: 10 amputations are conducted every day in this City, because of diabetes. In Puerto Viejo and Cahuita we went by bike through the two different national parks “Refugio Nacional Mixto de Vida Silvestre National park” in Manzanillo and “National Park Cahuita” with awesome, lonley beaches and animals from A to Zink. We lived 100 meters from the Caribbean cost and the “Highlight” was the earthquake, as I wrote two days ago. Yesterday we came back to our “Couchsurfer-Base” and had together Dinner. We organized, washed our clothes and relaxed a bit, before we leave tomorrow by bus to a canton of the province of San Jose, Curridabat, where we get picked up at 3pm.

Happy Birthday Moa
Happy Birthday Kowwel
Happy Birthday Linda
Happy Birthday Tilli
Happy Birthday Oma

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