Ab  geht er – de Peter…

The personal component of the base is done right now and it is time to go on and continue with the other components for a good base – step by step. In Mazunte, Mexico I got one more time the seldom feeling, which some people call coincidence. This feeling when somebody open or change your mind, open new doors, give you advices and inspirations or just motivate you to reach your goals and to continue with what you want to do. In the middle of the djungle in Mexico…!

In theory it seems quite easy, but when you look behind the facade, there is hard work waiting and it requiers endurance: investigation in a universe full of information, new fundamental terms, background research, development over time, ideas to process and shape your own impressions, technical understanding and especially time and motivation. At the moment the most important for me have been to create a structure and  to recognice a red line for myself, which have made the method easier to follow.


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