Mazunte is a very small village in the region of Oaxaca in southern Mexico. It is located on the pacific side of Mexico, in the middle of the jungle. It took three days for us, to get used to the clima, food and the animals. In Manzunte I have been taken spanish lessons for two weeks. In order to come to the school, you had to walk through a dried river and climb up a little stony hill. Up there an amazing view over the jungle, the sea and a lovely team was waiting. Our teachers are on a good way to get the next Guidos from Mexiko. Initially I had grouplessons with one australian and one british guy, and later private clases. Åsa experinced some medical issues and had to go to the doctor – his praxis looked like a garage, but it was a really nice and knowledgable young guy and he even invite us to dinner at home. Ottmar never did that!

We lived this two weeks in a palapa – a open, tiny house. The volume and sounds from the animals were constantly load, but over our bed we had a mosqito net for protection. Kolibris, iguanas, scorpions, snakes, spiders, opposums and of course mosquios were our neighbors, but our house keeper José was day and night awake and took care of us. We sometimes talked for hours, even when we could not understand each other. One night we got a thunderstorm, so intense that I thought this would be the last night for our little house and make the Abgang. We lived directly on the beach and I got to know the power of the waves in this surf area. A special spot is Punta Cometa: From there you can see an amazing sunset in the evening over the stones and the big waves of the Pacific. Our last trip went for a boat tour through the mangroves in La Ventanilla. Just when we entered the little wooden boat that should carry us around the area, a crocodile came out of the water. My bag finally arrived and a friend drove me down to the airport Huatulco for picking up it. We will continue today to Puerto Escondido. Hasta Banana!

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