In the city Iquitos live around 500 000 people and can only be reached by boat or airplane. After two days in the center, we left by boat from the port deep in the jungle and spent five days and nights with the natives in a lodge around their village in the Amazon basin called Pacaya-Samiria. The whole region is still flooded and the only way to move between the different villages is by boat. The dry season will start next month and million liters of water will flow back to the Atlantic ocean.

Rául, a member of a local tribe took us in these days on an unique wild life expedition and introduced us to his culture and tradition of his family and community. In jungle tours by boat or on foot, we explored by day and night plants and animals at closest range. We drove out on the main river to see the sunrise and sunset, were fishing, swimming and joined a four hour ceremony with the shaman of the community.

Back in Iquitos and full of mosquito bites, we washed clothes and reorganized our bags and visited the jungle market „Floating market of Belen Iquitos“. Its a basar for everything and a meeting point for all kinds of people, who sell everything from clothes to parts of a crocodile or turtles – which created a scary atmosphere at times.

Today we arrived in Paracas after a flight back to Lima and a four hour bus drive.